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Which of the Epic Games titles is the most epic? There’s no need to beat around the bush, the answer is so obvious. Fortnite Battle Royale is the very best of the game dev studio releases and the hottest on the market of video games.

Are you already in the game? Because we are! A year after the Fortnite Battle Royale release, we discovered that there’s no cure from this gaming obsession. Millions of people around the world catch the same Fortnite-Battle-Royale-virus and mutate into high-end players.

What are the symptoms of the Fortnite-Battle-Royale-virus?

  • sleepy appearance;

  • you have regular lessons with Fortnite PRO player;

  • you hoard V-bucks instead of real bucks;

  • your dreams are about remaining the only one on the map;

  • you get cash prizes at eSports events;

  • you check the Fortnite stats list every day;

  • all your friends and relatives observe total addiction to the game.

Is anyone able to stop the spread of this disease? Somebody call a doctor!

Don’t worry, guys, the doctor is here. Sorry, we don’t have an antidote to cure any one of you from the Fortnite addiction. We just decided to approach the game as it was the scientific phenomenon.

And now we consider the Fortnite-Battle-Royale-virus from the scientific point of view. In our research laboratories, we experiment with the game strategies and tactics, explore new locations and characters, look for the gaming solutions which are going to bring you victory.

We admit that the virus can transform into a chronic disease and we can only continue to observe the course of the addiction. How many more people will be affected? Who will be on the top of the Fortnite stats by the end of the sixth season?

There are so many scientific issues to learn about Fortnite Battle Royale! We will definitely maintain our observation.

Want to know more about the Fortnite-Battle-Royale-virus symptoms and all the effective means to stay socially adopted with your disease? Stay tuned to our website and find out the latest news about the Fortnite-Battle-Royale-virus right here!