Fortnite save the world vs Battle royale There may be a never-ending discussion on whether the game could be as popular as now without its building mode, but unlikely we can imagine different Fortnite. The game is perfect the way we know it. And if you still don’t like or don’t get building, this guide is for you. You will learn to build quickly and efficiently, using limited material offered in the game. The building skill may be vital in the battlefield of Fortnite Battle Royale. How to build the best fortification against enemies? When you have seconds to build a platform or a wall that will protect you from the enemy, there is no time to hesitate. The obvious solution to your problem is to practice a lot. But how to do this when the world shrinks? Start with destroying Do you know the basic rule of building? It starts with destroying. You can destroy any object you see on the map. So, don’t freak out when you find out yourself on the unknown potentially really dangerous island with just a pickaxe as a tool. This is basically everything you need for now. Use it wisely, remembering that you make noise while destroying objects. If there are enemies somewhere around, they will hear you. To avoid confrontation you are not ready for, be as fast as you can. Try to hit blue rings that you can see after the first hit on the object. It will give you a few more minutes for escape. Hitting blue ring target speeds up the process. Materials you need to gather: Wood is the material that you can find almost everywhere. Still, it is the easiest to break as well. Usually, wood is good for building bridges and stairs, exploration and platform to climb and jump from on your enemies. Wood is not good for the fortification matters. If you have better materials, use them. But if you have only wood, try to build double walls instead. The best materials are from tall and thick trees which usually grow in Moisty Mire, Lonely Lodge, and Wailing Woods areas. Stone/clay/brick. These materials are not so easy to find as wood. You need to know where to look or use your common sense. Bricks are good for fortifications. Still, brick can hardly handle the explosion. So, this is another material for an emergency. Bricks are no good against RPG. How to receive it? Destroy already existing walls, chimneys or just watch your steps, maybe you will find stones under. Metal guarantees at least some protection against explosions and one RPG blow. Once you have metal, build your fortifications from it. How to receive it? Gather metal from different vehicles, trailers which can give you lots of this material. Go to the city and try to pick metal. You’ll have more chances in Pleasant Park and Greasy Grove. There are two main sources for all these materials. First one is finding things during exploration of the map. The second source is to search the corpses of your enemies. For some objects you need more materials, for others less. The higher the stage of the game, the more material you’ll need. To build fortifications at the end of the game you will have to spend up to 400 units of metal. There is a severe storm coming closer to the center of the map. If your fortress stands somewhere on its way, you have to build another one in a location that game names. Use building while exploring the world You will need your building skills once you decide to explore this world. The ability to build the bridge and enough material open you new possibilities, new lands. And of course, you need to be quick, as this world is full of enemies, ready to kill you from behind. Pay attention to any noise. If you hear the treasure sound after you entered the house, you can try your luck climbing to the attic. You have to use sound to find the treasure and to not destroy the floor where the crate stands on. Build stairs to get to the hills. You will have the opportunity to see other players and find out the best options for you. If you are going to build a bridge between elevations make sure no one follows you or they will easily destroy your creation and you will go down after it. Building walls may save you from the enemies that you can meet during your exploration quest. A lot of players use this tactic. There is another tactic that may help. You need to build stairs and climb above another player. This is a perfect position for killing him. On the last stages of the game, when the storm comes closer with each new day, you may want to use wooden stairs as well. Build them to climb up on the tops of highest trees and hide there. Probably it is the best solution, considering limited resources. Building fortifications No matter what stage of the game are you in, you need to gather enough materials to build fortifications in case enemies decided to kill you. And since this is the kind of game where all your competitors have one goal to kill others and become last survivals, you are in big trouble unless you have somewhere to hide. In Fortnite you don’t aware of anything that will happen with you, but you can prepare for some of these situations. While the gold rule is to never go through an empty field, you can become a target even in the most secure places. Once you under the fire, the best possible option for you is to build fortifications. Advice: Don’t try to build a great fortress with decorations once you under the fire, you need to survive and make somewhat similar to shield. This construction may be temporal anyway. Building is an extremely important skill for this game. Once you master it and feel trained enough, you will be unstoppable to your enemies. You will have to be creative and to train a lot if you really want to win.   Continue Reading