Download Fortnite Battle Royale PS4

  • Developer: Epic Games Inc.
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Other, Shooter, Strategy, Simulation
  • Version: Release
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Download this legendary game on your PS4 in a few minutes with this quick tutorial. It does not take much time or efforts to install it and play. It is free to play game and does not require any subscriptions unless you want one.

How to download Fortnite battle royale for ps4?

1. For starters, you need to go to our website. Open the catalog or use the Search bar to find the game you want to download.

2. If you are not sure whether you want to download Fortnite or not, read the review and the information on its compatibility with your device.

3. Usually, the game needs up to 6.69 GB of free space. Do you have it? It is better to make it 7 GB. Remember that Fortnite is constantly updating and optimizing. You may want to stay in touch with the updates of the map. There is a huge possibility that new updates will eat up 2 GB more.

4. Once you have found the game on our website and read the info, pay attention to the small button under the game’s icon.

5. Choose Get PS4 Version and it will redirect you to the official PlayStation Store.

6. You will see the Fortnite page inside the Store. You may read the data about the game. Pick add to cart.

7. It will send you to the sign-in page. Enter your email and Password there.

8. Click the button Download and wait. Check the process in the main menu. There will be the icon with notifications.

The game is free and does not require registering in your profile. Still, there are bundles that you may want to buy. If you want to do this, come back into the store and search for more options.
How to install Fortnite battle royale for ps4

All you have to do now is to install the game. Since it is free it does not require any personal information from you. But if you want to play online with your friends or with other people on server, which is the actual benefit of this game, we strongly recommend you to create an account and open the game by signing in.

You can open the game after the installation process will be over.