Fortnite Battle Royale Steam

  • Developer: Epic Games Inc.
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Other, Shooter, Strategy, Simulation
  • Version: Release
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To download the game you need to read these short instructions and follow them. The famous Battle Royale game is available on almost all modern devices, including mobile phones, consoles, PC.

How to download Fortnite battle royale from Steam

There is no direct download of Fortnite Battle Royale on Steam! You need to remember this. They offer you to join their Fortnite Community. There you can meet other players, stay there hoping that Epic Games will release the game on Steam someday, and just share your thoughts about Fortnite.

Meanwhile, there is a link to download the game from the official developers Epic Games. It is totally free and always available. You can use the website to download Fortnite on PS4, Mac, Windows 10, Xbox One.

At first, find the page of Fortnite on our website. Can you see the words Get Steam Version under the icon of Fortnite?

1. Click this button and it will redirect you to the Steam Fortnite Community.

2. Do you see the words Play Fortnite now on PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4!? Press this button.

3. Steam will redirect you to the Epic Games official website. Don’t worry when you will see the warning, push the button Continue to the external site.

4. Now you are on the website of Fortnite developers. Do you see this yellow button Download in the upper-right corner? Press it.

5. When you’ll be asked to choose how would you like to play? Pick the device you want to download the game at and press it.

6. Once you have chosen your device as PC/Mac, Xbox or Mobile, the registration window will appear. You may either create your account o sign in if you already have one. PlayStation, Xbox One, and Switch will redirect you to their own stores.

7. After the registration, the downloading process will begin automatically. EpicInstaller will need a few seconds to be downloaded to your PC.

How to Install Fortnite Battle Royale Steam

1. Open the EpicInstaller after it will be downloaded. Start the installation process.

2. Agree to the terms of use. It may also ask you to sign in again.

3. Wait a few minutes till the installation will be over.

4. Start to play the game.