Download Fortnite Battle Royale xBox

  • Developer: Epic Games Inc.
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Other, Shooter, Strategy, Simulation
  • Version: Release
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Since the first days of its life, Fortnite was winning its audience in no time. Now it is one of the most popular PVE shooters in the history of this genre. Developers of the game took care that it can be accessed from every modern device. But xBox experience still considers as something unique and brilliant.

How to download Fortnite Battle Royale for xBox

Before you start the process of downloading the game onto your device you need to check whether you have 10.54 GB of free space there. This is the approximate number you’ll probably need to download the game. The official Xbox page says you need at least 9 GB. Still, you may use even more space, since the game is constantly updating.

While this is a free game, to download it, you need to have Gold subscription games on Xbox.

1. Find the page of this game on our website.

2. Pick the Get Xbox Version button under the icon of Fortnite.

3. It will redirect you to the Xbox official store with Fortnite offer. This is a free version. If you want to download a paid version, you may use the search bar and see all the options offered for the game. Start typing first letters and the game will appear.

4. Tap the button Get under the Fortnite image.

5. The process of downloading begins. Wait for a few seconds.

How to install Fortnite battle royale for xBox

After you download the game by using your account, the rest is easy. All you have to do is to click the Play button.

Wait till the game will be logged on your device.

Create your account in the game. It will help you to receive updates, to take part in online fights. You can also choose not to register. It is up to you.

If you decided to create an account, you need to sign in or you can skip it and go directly to the game.

It will ask you if you are aware of the company’s policy and rules of the Fortnite community in the process of logging in. Press Yes or Agree, so you may continue, after getting familiar with the text itself.

Beware! It may take several minutes since Fortnite is a popular game with beautiful graphics and a pretty big map of the world. All the updates will need the time.

Now you are able to go to the Tutorial or start playing the game. Once you in the game, go to the menu, see your possibilities in the game. It does not take long.